What is Wine?
1.  Fermented grape juice - fermentation is the conversion of grape sugar into alcohol by
the interaction of yeast
2.  Character of Wine is detemined by:
  • Grape Variety
  • Place of Growth (Appellation)
  • Climate
  • Winemaker’s Skills

3.  Three colours of Wines
  • White - Surprisingly, white wine can be made from white or black grapes, as all grape
    juice is colourless, initially
  • Red - Red wine is made from black grapes that are fermented with the skin and pips.
  • Rosé - Rosé wine is produced from black grapes without the stalks. The juice is
    separated off as soon as it is sufficiently pink

4  Wine producing Regions of the World:
5.  Wine producing areas of France:
6.  Wine producing areas of Italy:
7  Wine producing areas of New Zealand and USA