Wine Faults

Corked Wine?
  • Cork contaminated by "Trichloranisole", or TCA
  • Musty, dank, mouldy smell and an off taste

Crystals found in some wines harmful?
  • Tartaric Acid Crystals" (known as "Tartrates") are neither harmful to the drinker nor
    the wine.
  • Wine becomes very cold, or if the wine is old

Wine is cloudy or fizzy?
  • Cloudiness usually indicates the growth of yeast or bacteria
  • Fizziness means the wine has undergone an unintentional second fermentation in
    its bottle.

Wine that smells and tastes of vinegar?
  • Definitely Faulty

Wines smell of "struck matches"?
  • Caused by excessive SO2 (sulphur dioxide )
  • Helps prevent oxidization and stabilize wine.